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 Human First

Technology, the result of solving problems, shouldn't be the problem or get in your way. Simplicity in use and function are key to successful adoption of any emerging technology.

 Data Science

Should you lead with your best guess or by an informed decision? We have unprecedented access to data at all stages of the product lifecycle - knoweldge of how to navigate and consolidate data unlocks its hidden value and creates an asset in the process.


From inception to completion, design to implementation we make informed decisions to use technology to solve your problems. Anytime. Anywhere. At your discretion.

Intrepid Universe was founded in 2012 to provide bespoke technology services.

With a proven ability to launch digital products and optimise user experience through data science, the company helps clients improve their market offerings through automation and data analysis to unlock hidden value and deliver it to end users.

Google Analytics
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Intrepid Universe provides the following services:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Data visualisation
  • Data science
  • System architecture consultancy
  • Technology training
  • Research

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