How to Remove iOS Evercookies

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If you've noticed an iOS evercookie or item of website data 0 bytes in size on your iphone or ipad the method below will clean it away for you.
Our research has found a method to remove iOS Evercookies floating about in mobile safari. This method doesn't require a jailbreak or third party software and makes use of the command line and iTunes.

NOTE: We accept no responsibility for any problems resulting from following the procedure below. Ensure you have a full working backup in addition to the one you use to perform the evercookie removal incase anything goes wrong during the process described below.

If you have found yourself wondering what should I do if website data will not delete, but shows 0 bytes you have probably encountered an Evercookie. These data bugs are intentionally difficult to remove and require considerable effort to evict from any browser. Mobile Safari is particularly hard to cleanse. Until now solutions relied on jail breaking your device which can be time consuming and void your warranty. The procedure outlines below removes the files associated with the evercookie from your device by directly manipulating an iTunes backup. You then restore the backup to remove the pesky files for good.

Follow each of the steps below and you will find your evercookie totally removed from your iOS device:

  1. Clean as much website data from your device as possible. To do this go to the Settings app and select:
    Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
    After confirming the clean go to:
    Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data
    and if you still see anything in there continue with the following steps.
  2. Having first cleaned out as much information as you can the next step is to backup your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Plug your device into your computer and start iTunes. Use iTunes to create an unencrypted Backup of your device from within iTunes if it does not create one automatically.
  3. Locate the backup and duplicate it in finder - to do this Open Preferences in iTunes and go to the Devices tab. Click on the backup you created and right click on it. Then select show in Finder. Once in finder Copy and paste the directory in place. This is so if things go wrong you can always restore your phone to its current state.
  4. Now open the Terminal application and change directory to the backup folder identified in the previous step. This requires that you type the 'cd' command followed by the path of the folder so for example:
    $ cd ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/1233486346...
  5. You will now use SQLite to modify the backups Manifest.db file to remove all the data files from mobile safari that could store an evercookie. It is possible to be very specific in this step to remove only the cookies you want however the method here will simply remove them all. In the Terminal window type:
    $ sqlite3 Manifest.db
    and hit enter. You now simply remove the entries for the safari website data cache by typing:
    sqlite> DELETE FROM Files WHERE relativePath LIKE 'Library/WebKit/WebsiteData/%' AND domain = '';
    Then type:
    sqlite> .quit
    to leave SQLite. You now have a backup free from cookies of all types.
  6. The remaining step is to restore the backup you just modified to your hone. After doing this you may need to setup some of your account details by reentering passwords, you may have to reconnect to WiFi and you might have to reactivate cards added to Apple pay. However once done you will find that you have removed the evercookies from mobile safari and without jailbreaking your device.